When I entered Li Jiaqi’s live broadcasting room after 7pm last night, he was introducing a down jacket with his little assistant.

I don’t know what the original price was, but the price of this down jacket is now knocked down to 1,899 yuan, and with the double eleven discount, it is now only 1,499 yuan. The complex wording of the commodity page, the word Li Jiaqi live broadcasting room is emphasized, it takes a little bit of eyesight to see clearly the brand of this down jacket from Bosideng.

Exit from the product page to return to the live broadcast, there are more than 10 million people with the scene. Li Jiaqi wore a light blue top, the color of the clothes is very similar to the color of the background of the live broadcast room when he last stood up to apologize.

More than a month after the “Huaxizi incident”, the moment of the double eleven, Li Jiaqi once again on the cusp of the wind and waves.

This time the protagonist of the brand has become the home appliance brand Hai.

This year’s Jingdong double eleven in October 23rd at 8:00 pm to open, the next day at noon, Jingdong “self-supporting baking group” of a procurement and marketing staff sent a long circle of friends, he received the brand Hai’s lawyer’s letter, the reason is that a Hai’s oven in the price of Jingdong sold cheaper than in the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi, but due to Hai’s with the Li Jiaqi side of a paper between the existence of a “reserve price agreement”, which makes the sea to compensate a huge amount of liquidated damages.

The company’s website has been updated with the latest information about the company’s website and its website.

But the salesman is also very puzzled, he said the price of the dip is completely at the expense of departmental gross profit at the expense of. Put this oven to the lowest price in the whole network, the loss is only Jingdong, even if the loss of money.

There are three parties in the controversy, Jingdong lit a fire, Li Jiaqi behind the company’s response to the United States ONE denied the “bottom price agreement” statement, and said Li Jiaqi live in the commodity pricing right lies in the brand itself.

The remaining party is Hai’s, Hai’s response is and Li Jiaqi stand together.

Hai’s in response to the statement that the brand has never signed any “low price agreement” with Li Jiaqi live, and said that the lowest selling price during the double eleven is the whole network to pull together, and even to the General Administration of Market Supervision reported to the real name of Jingdong.

This seems to be a dispute between the brand and the platform, and Li Jiaqi was just inadvertently involved. However, half a day later, Sina Technology exposed the live broadcast promotion service contract of Mei ONE.

This contract has a “special protection clause”, which states that the brand needs to ensure that it through the designated person in the framework of this contract under the framework of the two sides agreed to all promotional services under the promotional efforts for the guarantee period in the guarantee range under the same conditions of the maximum strength.

The “best price” guarantee scope for the Tao system platform (including but not limited to Taobao / Tmall stores, anchor live Tao system content channels), other e-commerce platforms and offline channels.

Based on this contract, the brand is in breach of contract if one of its items sells more expensively in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast than in Taobao stores or in the brand’s own offline stores, or than on the Jingdong platform.

The consequence of the breach of contract is to pay compensation of RMB 2 million to USONE, and to bear all the costs and losses incurred due to the refund of the price difference.

This seems to confirm the existence of the “reserve price agreement”, but this contract has not been recognized by the United States ONE.

Controversy back to Li Jiaqi, October 24 this day for Li Jiaqi siege is not the only thing Hai.

Professional counterfeiter Wang Hai released a jittery voice on October 24, reflecting that a consumer purchased a Hetian jade necklace priced at nearly 600 yuan in Li Jiaqi’s live room the day before, although the necklace was endorsed with a certificate of authentication of Hetian jade. But NGTC (National Jewelry and Jade Inspection Group Co., Ltd.) appraisal of the necklace is not Hetian jade, but carbonate-tremolite jade necklace.

Even live crazy, slicing crazy Shake Tone, do live with goods to be used and Simba analogous to the crazy little Yang brother, stood to Li Jiaqi side are just like a positive figure.

October 24, “crazy little Yang brother” live in the middle of the room, a lamps and lanterns were suddenly brand shelves, allegedly because the price of goods lower than Li Jiaqi live. Two brothers in the big Yang brother in the goods off the shelves said angrily, Li Jiaqi to the head of the anchor’s influence to control the price and even control the inventory, and when sold through Li Jiaqi live the number of commodities more and more, its influence on the brand side of the greater, the brand side of the control also seems to be like a snowball rolled up.

This will have the outside world for the “bottom price agreement” question, which is essentially live with goods from the beginning as a form of sales to enhance the consumer experience to now, began to override the platform and the brand above the two, and lead to the imbalance of the pricing power game.

Perhaps another unrelated Li Jiaqi’s story can also see some similarities.

The founder of the original leaf tea brand Chabiubiu, Wang Yuhui, recently posted an article “asking for help”, due to the Boxmart product line from 300 brands on the shelves downsized to 100, Chabiubiu formally by the Boxmart off the shelves, the goods were required to clear away by a deadline.

This is the last straw that crushed the brand, but before that, the strong but distorted influence exerted by the live band to the new consumer had already made the whole brand’s operating rhythm become deformed.

“At that time no one advised me not to do live with goods, because it can indeed pull sales. However, after subtracting the activities of the preferential, anchor commissions, pit fees, loss is very thorough; big anchor there to make money at a loss, the brand simply do not dare to offend those big anchors, the big anchors simply do not want to bring the brand, they can turn around and go to foster your competitors, do you dare to go? A brand in our industry at that time a month live spent 20 million a full case, counting Roi, but also about 1, but the momentum up, we are hostage to do to leave a point of sound, the big anchor is too pit, then we can only do small and medium-sized anchors. *The first thing I’d like to say is that I don’t know what to do.

small and medium-sized anchor pit fee is really cheap a lot, a few thousand to tens of thousands of ranging, but they have put forward a new request, the price cut in half on the live broadcast! Because these small and medium-sized anchors do not have the ability to empower the brand, not to mention the loyal consumer fans, so they can only rely on goods really cheap to attract viewers, but where to find so many cheap and good goods? It can only be another bitter businessmen. Price cut in half, and then shaved off 30%-40% commission, that is to do a single lose a single.

For the brand, the price down, can never go back, no profit, basically not long, so many brands change the packaging, reduce the quality, cost reduction, so at least will not lose; but I’m not willing to go in order to cater to the market to reduce the standard of materials, into a “low-priced brand”, I am very determined not to do bags of foam, I’m still willing to believe in consumer upgrades, so we I’m still willing to believe in consumer upgrades, so we gave up the live band. The final result is that we did a few million of the whole case put, the splash did not come out, the blood loss situation, it already shows that the market efficiency has been low to a certain extent.”

Then Chabiubiu gradually turned from a profitable store to a store where the percentage of placement went from 30%, 50% to a hollowed out 80% at its peak.

Chabiubiu is one of the countless brands trapped in the live room. Its dream of a star company ends by 2022, but overall, there are few examples of new consumer tracks that have managed to catch a star company on the shore.

But recently was frequently associated with Li Jiaqi flower West certainly counts as one.

On the night of September 10, Li Jiaqi in the live broadcast yell flower West a 79 yuan eyebrow pencil angered consumers, in the face of the live shouting expensive consumers to make a “sometimes find their own reasons, so many years of wages have not risen,” such an embarrassment. The ensuing anger of consumers, Li Jiaqi’s tearful apology, and the disappearance of Huaxizi in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast for 43 days.

In 2018, the ONE company transformed around the IP of “Li Jiaqi”. The latter shouted “OMG” began to go red, the same period of flowers Xizi finally made up his mind to do live e-commerce. 2019 flowers Xizi first walked into the Li Jiaqi live room, a flower Xizi air powder in the Li Jiaqi live room after the debut of the first, became the year of “double 11” shop sales first place, “shop sales first place,” the first place. “Shop sales first place, sold more than 20,000 pieces.

Then a hair out of hand, flower West 2019 sales of 1 billion yuan; the next year and tripled. By the time 2021 rolls around, Hua Xi Zi’s realized sales have reached a whopping 5.4 billion yuan, and its market share has grown from an initial 0.3% in 2017 to 6.8%.

The star brand’s tie to Li Jiaqi is also deepening further, with Globe analysis revealing that in that $79 eyebrow pencil, Huaxizi takes $4 in profit, and then skimming off the manufacturing costs and supply chain expenditures, Li Jiaqi siphons off $63. Rumor has it that Huaxizi’s rebate to Li Jiaqi is as high as 60%-80%, or even more than 100%. This statement was denied by the flower West side.

Also on October 24, the same day that all parties surrounded Li Jiaqi, Hua Xizi took the opportunity to return to the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi’s double eleven broadcast, but the selection is not in that eyebrow pencil.