Lei Jun has just published a long article again to warm up the Xiaomi Surge OS, officially announcing the complete system architecture.

According to reports, from the beginning of the architectural design, Xiaomi has clearly defined four goals:

  • First, to achieve the strongest single-end performance;
  • Second, AI empowerment, to become the “intelligent brain” of the entire ecosystem, able to provide users with active services;
  • Third, more convenient and efficient connection;
  • Fourth, to realize the whole end of the privacy and security solid protection.

The fourth is to realize the strong protection of all-end privacy and security.

At the bottom of the system kernel layer, Xiaomi has fused the self-developed Vela system kernel with the deeply modified Linux system kernel, reconfiguring various basic modules such as performance scheduling, task management, memory management, file management, and so on, to achieve a significant increase in performance and efficiency.

This new fusion kernel supports more than 200 processor platforms and more than 20 file systems, and can be flexibly configured according to the difference in hardware capabilities, providing excellent compatibility and completely freeing up the performance of each individual device.

In the service and framework layer on top of the system kernel layer, Xiaomi has incorporated Android’s service framework and the service framework of its own Vela system as “middleware”; at the same time, it has newly created 8 major subsystems, of which the new AI subsystem integrates the ability of large models and becomes the “ intelligent brain” of the whole system. The new AI subsystem integrates the capabilities of large models and becomes the “intelligent brain” of the whole system , which not only enables single devices to realize strong end-side AI capabilities, but also empowers the entire ecosystem with intelligent capabilities.

The top layer of HyperConnect cross-end layer, Xiaomi allows all devices to unify the connection protocol, and real-time communication, and ultimately build a “people, cars and home ecological” intelligent world.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Surge OS has created a full-end security system through the kernel layer, service framework layer, cross-end layer, especially the kernel layer, Xiaomi has enabled a completely independent “self-research micro-kernel security system”, which guarantees security from the bottom to realize.

Finally attached Lei Jun original text: