The Internet is full of endless information and Web sites, which can feel like information overload. The power of the navigation page is that it provides users with a focal point to quickly access the sites they use frequently without having to type in the URL or perform tedious searches each time.

Application Overview

Heimdall is an open source, self-hosted application dashboard designed to help users centrally manage their web services, applications and resources. The navigation page can be personalized to suit your needs and interests, bringing together the most frequently visited websites in one convenient place. This allows users to glance at our own frequently used websites on the same page without having to frequently switch between different tabs or windows, maintaining a neat and efficient browsing experience.

Main Features

  1. Personalized Dashboard: Heimdall provides a customizable dashboard that allows users to add, move, and organize their frequently used apps, services, and links to suit their needs.
  2. Application and Service Integration: Users can integrate a variety of web applications and services into the Heimdall dashboard, including websites, self-hosted apps, Docker containers, cloud services, and more, so that they can be easily accessed in one location.
  3. Appearance and Theme Customization: Heimdall allows users to customize the appearance and theme of their dashboards, including choosing different layouts, color schemes, and icons to meet their aesthetic preferences.
  4. Search Functionality: Heimdall is equipped with powerful search functionality that can simultaneously support multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more.
  5. Security and Authentication: Users can add security measures such as usernames and passwords or other authentication methods to ensure that only authorized users can access the dashboard, helping to protect sensitive information and resources.
  6. Multi-User Support: Heimdall supports multiple users, which means that team members can share a dashboard and access and edit it based on permission levels, facilitating collaboration and resource sharing.
  7. Open Source and Free: Heimdall is an open source project that is completely free to use and can be customized and modified by the user to adapt it to specific requirements.
  8. Quick Links: Users can easily add quick links to their favorite websites for quick access.

Application Features

I. Support multiple search engines

Heimdall supports multiple search engines, enabling users to select their preferred search engine based on their preferences and quickly access these search engines in the dashboard.

II. Customize Upload Background

The background of the dashboard can be easily customized by uploading your favorite image or selecting other background options to make the dashboard more personalized.

III. Editing Configurable Items

Heimdall provides a wide range of editing and configuration options as well as a preview function, which allows users to adjust the dashboard’s layout, colors, fonts, and other configurable items according to their own needs to meet their personalized needs.

Fourth, the management interface Dashboard

With Heimdall’s intuitive management interface, users can easily manage and configure their dashboards, including adding, deleting and organizing applications, setting permissions and more.

V. Support for adding multiple users

Heimdall comes with multi-user support, which means multiple users can share the same dashboard and access and edit it based on permission levels, suitable for team sharing and collaboration scenarios.

Installation Guide

  1. Go to Cloud Native App Store
  2. Search Heimdall
  3. Go to details, select package type (supported by this app, docker install, ram install)
  4. Click Install and execute the corresponding command. If you have any questions, please refer to Documentation or join the community!

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